Last one of the day

Chapter 47 College Special Zone When Qi Shaorong returned to his dormitory, Qi Heng immediately delivered a letter, “Young Master, a letter from the Qi Jia, they want you to go back.” Qi Shaorong looked at the letter in his hand and said sullenly, “For ten years did they did not care about me. Now […]

Third one for Today

Chapter 45: Qi He picks a fight Qi Shaorong closed his eyes and couldn’t continue to read the book in his hand. Qi Shaorong closed the book and went into the dormitory. “Master, you’re back?” Qi Heng asked. The College has arranged four-person dormitories for the students of special classes. If they want to live […]

This is the second one for today

Chapter 44 Zhuang Ling’s Suspicion Qi Shaorong was in the library and watched Zhuang Hao and Zhuang Ling enter together. “Zhuang Ling.” Qi Shaorong greeted in a low voice. Zhuang Ling looked at Qi Shaorong and said in some surprise, “Young Fourth Qi, have we met before?” Qi Shaorong shook his head and said, “Oh […]

Its been a while

So I know I said I would be back in two weeks but some stuff happened. If you want to know what happened click on the link below. For all others just know that I was able to continue to translate. However where I was staying didn’t like wordpress. A friend is going to be […]