TRWSB Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Zhuang Hao likes The Ghost Doctor?

“Master Zhuang Hao, please slow down.” A dancer chased Zhuang Hao into the box.

Zhuang Hao slammed open the door in a threatening manner, Zhuang Qian turned his head and awkwardly said, “Big Brother, why are you here?”

“You said, you were going to run to here. ” Originally, Zhuang Hao did not want to have anything to do with Qi Shaorong. However, when he heard that Qi Shaorong had abducted and taken Zhuang Qian to a brothel, he could not help following him.

“Big brother, I do this to help you. I came with Fourth Young Master Qi, to spy and gather information.” Zhuang Qian explained.

Zhuang Hao’s face changed, and he said, “So what have you learned?”

Zhuang Qian looked at Zhuang Hao’s face and said embarrassingly, “The Ghost Doctor thinks that you are young and immature, like a little white face.”

Zhuang Hao: “…”

Chen Yuan rubbed his forehead and grimaced.

“What about my fourth brother?” Asked Qi Shaofu, who came in with Zhuang Hao.

“He is taking a bath.” Zhuang Qian said.

Qi Shaofu lips twitched then he said, “He is so carefree!”.

“Third Young Master Qi, your fourth brothers open a female brothel outside, and he manages it, did you know?” Zhuang Qian asked.

Qi Shaofu, “… I am not very clear on this.”

“He said that your Qi Jia could not guarantee his living expenses, so he had to rely on his own efforts. He said that both Bi Liuyun and the Ghost Doctor went to his shop. He gave them both a discount, so they became friends.” Zhuang Qian said.

Qi Shaofu: “…”

Qi Shaofu pulled on of the maids to the side and said fiercely, “Where is my fourth brother, I have to take him back.”

“Third Young Master Qi, this way, please.”

Qi Shaofu followed the maid into an independent hot spring bathhouse. A teenager in a nightgown was lying on a rocking chair beside the hot spring pool.

The young man’s face was covered with a mask, two cucumbers on his eyes, a maid squatting beside him, giving him a massage, and the voice of a young man’s mouth was humming, ah, like a cat’s spring. Qi Shaofu saw this and his face became red…really loosing face, ah.

Hearing the sound, Qi Shaorong took off the cucumbers sticking to his eyes and stuffed them into his mouth.

Zhuang Qian watched the scene and swallowed involuntarily.

Qi Shaorong’s eyes opened a slit, and asked Qi Shaofu, “Third brother, it’s you!”

Qi Shaofuu nodded and said, “Yes! Pack up and go back with me. When you returned to the capital, and where did you go. You went to the brothel and dragged Zhuang Qian with you. Father is going to be angry.”

Qi Shaorong patted his face and said, “Don’t worry. I just put on this mask. If it is removed it will be wasted. Anyway, I am already late, just wait.”

Qi Shaofu: “…”

Qi Shaofu went over and tore the mask off Qi Shaorong’s face. “Are you looking for death? My father is already furious.”

“Then I can’t go back so soon. I didn’t run to the edge of the knife, let him calm down.” Qi Shaorong said thoughtfully.

Qi Shaofu had a face full of black lines. “Do you want your father to come and get you personally?”

Qi Shaorong frowned and said in a somewhat confused way, “Father, still has the time to come and get me?”

Qi Shaofu looked at Qi Shaorong’s tired and lazy appearance and said angrily, “You, get dressed quickly and follow me.”

Qi Shaorong tidied up his nightgown. “Why are you doing in such a hurry? It’s like your rushing to reincarnation. ”

Qi Shaorong looked at Zhuang Hao and said, “You are my former fiancée. You’re okay…. but still not a good looking as me. ”

Qi Shaorong took out a small mirror and opened it up.

Qi Shaofu had a headache “fourth brother, how can you compare with Zhuang Hao, who is gifted.”

Qi Shaorong glanced at Qi Shaofu and said, “You know, third brother, let’s go. You were in a hurry yet you actually have time to scold me.”

Qi Shaofu: “…”

Bi Liuyun came out and said, “You are anxious to leave?”

Qi Shaorong nodded and said, “Yes! The tab is on my head.”

“You seldom come here. How can I collect your money? Take care of yourself!” Bi Liuyun said.

Qi Shaorong nodded and said, “Liuyun is truly a good person. When you go to my shop again, I will give you a free pass.”

Bi Liuyun smiled and said, “Yes.”

Qi Shaofu took Qi Shaorong to Zhuang Hao and said, “Zhuang Hao, I’ll take my fourth younger brother back.”

Zhuang Hao nodded and said, “Good.”

Qi Shaorong followed Qi Shaofu by his side. Qi Shaofu glanced at Qi Shaorong’s eyes, and said, “Do you like Zhuang Hao?”

Qi Shaorong smiled and said, “Him? He is pretty handsome, but too lazy. ”

“Now that Zhuang Hao has withdrawn, you should stop thinking about it. Zhuang Hao has someone he likes.” Qi Shaofu said.


“Ghost Doctor.”

Qi Shaorong squinted his eyes and said, “Zhuang Hao likes Ghost Docotor. Are you sure?”

“I have been friends with Zhuang Hao for many years, I am sure.” Qi Shaofu said.

“I hope your guesses are false, and Xiao-Ghost is not a good person to chase.” Qi Shaorong said in a meaningful way.

“If Zhuang Hao is determined to chase a man, who could resist his charm?” Qi Shaofu said.

Qi Shaorong smiled and said, “This is hard to say.”



22 thoughts on “TRWSB Chapter 32

  1. Well actually it’s not hard to say at all, it’s just that it’d be such a slap to their faces, Qi Shaorong considerately held back this time
    ( ˘◡˘ ) XD he’ll probably start the face slapping again soon though lololol :’D
    Thanks for the chapter xD


  2. “If Zhuang Hao is determined to chase a man, who could resist his charm?”
    I guess it would be a man who’s deeply in love with himself XD
    I wonde if Zhuang Hao would ever get a character development? I would love to see a lovey-dovey scene (´ ▽`).。o♡
    Thanks for the update! ❤


  3. Zhuang Hao actually managed to see Qi Shaorang’s real face, even if it was only for a moment. I wonder if he was the main reason Qi Shaorang booted it out of there so fast.


  4. Innocent reader: This Zhuang fool sure is arrogant. Thinking our dear protagonist is just some pebble he can pick up and throw away as he wishes. I really want to peer inside his head to see what’s wrong with him!
    Qi Shaorong: No, no, little one. The problem isn’t just his brain, but also his eyes to. He was simply blind to not notice my beauty. I’ll show you his intestines too, they are simply just the ugliest shade of green!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. It’s so disappointing everyone is so damn stupid but so funny because the MC is trolling everyone so damn hard and I’M CACKLING SO HARD I CAN’T BREATH OH MY GOD! X,D Like, they call him a waste yet they don’t seem so good themselves seeing as how they apparently didn’t exercise the muscles in their brain enough. The MC is literally, just making circles around them and they still think they’re better. Holy shit, I’m waiting for the day when the MC is like, “ha bitch, I fooled you,” in the most obnoxious manner possible. ^^


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