TRWSB Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Making friends all over the world

“Young Master Chen , I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Qi Shaorong shook his little fan and said hello.

Zhuang Qian looked at Qi Shaorong, and he said with admiration: “Fourth young master Qi, you are so good looking.”

“I always look good, but you can still say it.” Yan Shaorong took out a small mirror and tided up his hair. He said: “It’s really unreasonable to be so handsome.”

Chen Yuan: “…”

Zhuang Qian: “…”

Zhuang Qian carefully asked: “Fourth young master Qi, do you know Ghost doctor?”

“Of course, I know him, we are good enough friends to lie on a bed together. Xiao-Ghost sleeping habits are not very good, like grabbing the quilt, but also rolling around the bed.” Qi Shaorong shook his head.

Zhuang Qian: “…”

Qi Shaorong looked at Chen Yuan and said: “Chen young master, from the last time I saw you to the present, you really haven’t changed.”

“Is that right?”

“Yeah! I haven’t changed my mind at all. I have heard that Xiao-Ghost has been in the capital for a long time. Why don’t you find him to fix your appearance for you!”

Chen Yuan: “…”

“Don’t you think your eyes are not big enough, your nose is not strong enough, and your mouth is a bit big?” Qi Shaorong tilted his head and said.

Zhuang Qian looked at Qi Shaorong and said: “Fourth young master Qi you havn’t had any work done?”

Qi Shaorong pinched Zhuang Qian’s face and said, “What is this nonsense? You, this young master is born with beauty, what use is plastic surgery?”

Qi Shaorong scornfully lifted Zhuang Qian’s chin and said: “Little devil, do you want to have a facelift? I think you need to have liposuction. You know that Xiao-Ghost and I are good friends. I can let him give you a discount.”

Zhuang Qian was full of embarrassment “No, I think I am good.”

“It’s very good, like a rice bucket, at first glance looks like mouth of ivory teeth.”

Zhuang Qian: “…”

“Fourth young master Qi, you call Ghost doctor Xiao-Ghost, but he is seventy years old.” Chen Yuan said reaching the limit for eccentricates.

Qi Shaorong stared at Chen Yuan and said: “Xiao-Ghost is eternally eighteen. Do you think he is old? Be careful that he doesn’t crush you to death with is medicine box.”

“Young master Qi, aren’t you going back to your home?” Zhuang Qian cautiously asked.

Qi Shaorong looked at Zhuang Qian and said: “What are you in a hurry? It’s hard to meet an acquaintance. It is natural to catch up. What do you say young master Chen?”

Chen Yuan smiled and said: “Fourth young master Qi, has changed a lot.”

Qi Shaorong once again took out the small mirror and looked at it. He said: “The Xiao-Ghost said that every day I am little more handsome than the day before, and I can’t be more handsome.”

Zhuang Qian: “…”

Qi Shaorong looked at Zhuang Qian and said: “Kid, I heard that your brother is good! Xiao-Ghost said, your brother has the potential to be a little white face, but he is too small and not mature enough.”

Zhuang Qian: “…”

Chen Yuan looked at Qi Shaorong and said: “Fourth young master and Ghost doctors are very familiar!”

“We are good friends! It is rare to come to the Capital, I invite you out to play.” Qi Shaorong said.

Zhuang Qian looked at Qi Shaorong and said: “Fourth young master, you are too polite.”

Qi Shaorong grabbed Zhuang Qian’s shoulder and said: “You don’t have to be polite to me. I almost married your brother. We were almost a family.”

Zhuang Qian: “…”

“Fourth young master, where do you plan to invite us to play!” Chen Yuan asked.

Qi Shaorong shook his fan and said: “Since we all came to the Capital, there is only one place to go.”

Chen Yuan’s heart gave birth to a bad premonition and said “Where?”


Zhuang Qian looked at Qi Shaorong and said: “Fourth young master Qi and the ghost doctor are really good friends.”

“Why do you say that?”

Zhuang Qian smiled and said: “Both of you like brothels?”

“The brothel is a good place! There are many beautiful people, a lot of wine, delicious food…”

Chen Yuan looked at Qi Shaorong and frowned. “You have just arrived at the Capital and are running to a brothel. It is not appropriate.”

Qi Shaorong looked at Chen Yuan and said: “What is wrong? Qi Jia is there, if I go late, Qi Jia will not run away.”

Chen Yuan: “…”

Qi Shaorong pinched the face of Zhuang Qian and said: “Little brother, do you want to go!”

“Okay!” Zhuang Qian said.

Chen Yuan: “…”

“Let’s go.” Qi Shaorong said.


Qi Shaorong went to Luo Hua Pavilion, and Qi Shaorong ordered a table of food, and found a few beautiful women to accompany Chen Yuan and Zhuang Qian to eat.

Qi Shaorong spent money like water, and everything was expensive.

Zhuang Qian looked at Qi Shaorong and said: “Fourth young master Qi, you seem to be rich!”

“Made a little money, you know the tightness of the Qi family. In order to live comfortably I had to find a way!” Qi Shaorong fanned a small fan.

Zhuang Qian looked at Qi Shaorong and said: “Hey, Fourth young master, what do you do to make money!”

“Opening a brothel, unfortunately, for brothels in the countryside, the business is not very prosperous. This time in the Capital, I will take the chance to gain experience and knowledge.” Qi Shaorong calmly said.

Zhuang Qian: “…”

“How did you and the ghost doctor meet!” Zhuang Qian asked.

“He came to my store, I gave him a discount.” Yan Shaorong said.

Zhuang Qian: “…”

Bi Liuyun opened the door of the private room and walked in. “Shaorong, you finally came to the Capital.”

“Liuyun, you are becoming more and more beautiful.”

“Where do I look good, Ah! I have prepared a hot spring bath for you. You can take a bath while applying a mask.”

Qi Shaorong gave Bi Liuyun a big hug. “Liuyun, you are so good, wait for me to use palanquin with eight carriers to marry you.”

“Don’t be garrulous, and go, ba.”  Bi Liuyun said.

Chen Yuan looked at the Bi Liuyun strangely. “Mr. Liu Yun and fourth young master Qi are know each other? Could it be that you also whent to Young master Qi’s store to visit a prosititute? ”

“Yes! Fourth young master and I are good freinds.”

Zhuang Qian: “…”

“Fourth young master Qi, your popularity is very good.” Zhuang Qian said with a strange expression.

“Of course, I am making friends all over the world.” Qi Shaorong said proudly.


17 thoughts on “TRWSB Chapter 31


    I can just imagine individual men sitting around the brothel. they got really bored, so they turned their heads to look around and met each other’s gazes and something instantly clicked as they all smiled and became bffs. Shaorong meeting everyone at the brothel is probably not a lie tbh bc if I remember correctly, we didn’t even really get to know how they met yet?? unless I just have poor memory.

    but thanks for the chapter! as always I laughed my butt off

    Liked by 3 people

  2. “Xiao-Ghost has been in the emperor for a long time” should probably be imperial city or capital or something like that instead of emperor. Empire? Picturing the ghost screwing the emperor is an interesting thing to imagine, though. XD

    Qi Shaorang is having way too much fun trolling those two. Little do they know, the truth is even stranger than fiction.

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  3. Lol his face is so thick, thicker than the empire’s walls, it’s a shame his face isn’t used as the empire wall. I love his attitude so much, I aspire to be that amount of trolling XD


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